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The Live, Learn, Latin America series focuses on providing a quick overview on different topics related to the region.  These videos are longer and provide more in-depth discussion of topics.  K-16 teachers may use these or portions in classes to complement cultural or language lessons.  Additional resources give further information and context.

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Threads of Hope: Weaving Peace in Colombia

In spring 2017, MSU hosted this symposium where scholars of conflict and peace-building in Colombia joined community activists engaged in the peace building process.  

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Shadow of Cortés

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Michigan State University was pleased to hosted In the Shadow of Cortés: From Veracruz to Mexico City, designed and prepared by Professor Kathleen Myers of Indiana University, with photographs by Steven Raymer of National Geographic and Indiana University. The images in this exhibit recorded a journey along Cortés' route of conquest and interviews with the people who live there today. This journey revealed much about Mexico's complex identity and its variety of ways to understand the legacy of a conquest that took place nearly 500 years ago.

Faculty from across disciplines later discussed the issue of identity in a round table.  Additionally, faculty incorporated the themes in their course curriculum.  In one undergraduate course, the students produced this Broken Spears video.  

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Professor Kate Myers seminar

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Nicolas Buenaventura

The Department of Romance and Classical Studies in conjunction with The Center for Latin American Studies and the Department of Theater is organized a multi-artistic performance and complementary events with students, faculty and the community. Nicolás Buenaventura, playwright, actor, film director and performer from Colombia presents Dar a luz: La aventura del pensamiento ("Giving Birth: The Adventure of Thought") a multimedia performance that includes storytelling, visual arts and live music from Hispanic and world traditions. He also led workshops on performance techniques to interested students.

Dar a luz: La aventura del pensamiento is a project that enacts the process of "thinking"with stories, images and music. It recreates the act of giving birth by recounting myths of creation from different origins and cosmologies around the world. According to Buenaventura "Giving birth is the epic tale of a birth. It is also an encounter. An encounter with a singer and narrator, with stories that feature creation; the vital need for music, the story of the word, an encounter with words that touch, words that envelope and makes you want to live and to be; words that allow birth and re-birth; It allows us to decide to come to this world and inhabit it."

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Ernesto Cardenal
priest, politician, and poet from Nicaragua

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