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These Live, Learn, Latin America videos provide information quick information on history and culture in Latin America.  K-16 teachers may complement social studies lessons with these videos.  Spanish teachers can provide cultural lessons and allow students to practice listening comprehension.  Links accompany each video to provide additional information and context.

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What is Cinco de mayo?

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History Channel

El Mundo del Maíz (The World of Corn in Spanish)

Additional Resources

Popol Vuh Smithsonian Video

Shadow of Cortes

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Michigan State University is pleased to hosted In the Shadow of Cortés: From Veracruz to Mexico City, designed and prepared by Professor Kathleen Myers of Indiana University, with photographs by Steven Raymer of National Geographic and Indiana University. The images in this exhibit record a journey along Cortés' route of conquest and interviews with the people who live there today. This journey reveals much about Mexico's complex identity and its variety of ways to understand the legacy of a conquest that took place nearly 500 years ago.

Faculty from across disciplines later discussed the issue of identity in a round table.  Additionally, faculty incorporated the themes in their course curriculum.  In one undergraduate course, the students produced this Broken Spears video

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Kate Myers presentation video

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MSU Alumnus Kody Gerkin talks about the importance of history and culture.

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