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CLACS Featured Stories

The following is a compilation of recent stories reflecting MSU's engagement with Latin American and the Caribbean. 


Why should international students come to MSU?

MSU Latin American students tell us why coming to MSU was their best decision.


Alumni features: The Merciers from Panama

Granddaughter and grandfather meet at MSU to share their thoughts about studying at the University. Marlene graduated in spring 2018 and her grandfather came back from Panama for the first time in half a century to see her walk in her commencement ceremony.


MSU & Radical Coffee

Spartans open up market for coffee growing community from Guatemala


Spartan Research Supports Conservation Efforts by Indigenous People in the Caribbean

Joel Betts' master research on the impact of illegal chemical fishing and deforestation is helping the Rama and Kriol people protect their environment in Nicaragua.


CLACS Alum Rowenn Kalman Wins Award for Outstanding Dissertation

Alum Rowenn Kalman analyzes the complex relationships among rural Andean communities, NGOs, and mining companies over management of water resources in Peru.


Gender and Livelihoods Below the Dam

Ph.D. student Laura Castro studies the impact of dams on rural fishing communities in Brazil and how they affect men and women differently.


Marissa Weil, Study Abroad Community-Based Research and Engagement Program

Marissa is one of our 2018 undergraduate scholarship recipients. Watch Marisa share her experiences living in the Peruvian Andes while participating in the Community-Based Research and Engagement Program. Learn why she believes all students should study abroad. Apply for the CLACS Undergraduate Scholarship to study abroad in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2019. The Application deadline is Feb 10, 2019.


The Urgency of a Black Feminist Solidarity Project in The Americas

Dr. Keisha-Khan Perry looks into the importance of black women's political work in Latin America, political movements across borders, and creating diasporic community.


Celebrating Romelia Widders

CLACS has prepared this video to celebrate the lifework of Romelia Widders as she retires from Michigan State University. As Assistant Director of the Office of Admissions, Romelia not only recruited and inspired thousands of Latin American students to pursue higher education at MSU, she also supported them throughout their education to overcome the many difficulties international students face.