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Strategic Partnership Funds

The Provost and the Dean of International Studies and Programs (ISP) have made available funds to develop strategic partnerships with universities and institutions of higher education and research abroad that focus on ISP's priority themes: food and agriculture, environment, health and nutrition, and education. These partnerships should involve faculty from more than one department and/or college at MSU. Collaborations that link Arts and Letters or Social Science faculty to the international themes are encouraged.

boat.jpgPartnerships should center on collaborative research, including proposal development and preliminary research activities that build institutional capacity around the ISP themes listed above. They should lead to long-term research and other collaborations between MSU and the partner institution. Funding may be granted for continued support to develop these partnerships, depending on the outcomes of the initial grant.

Strategic Partnership Fund will provide partial support of travel costs for MSU faculty to travel abroad to work with international partners or for those partners to travel to MSU. The applicant faculty members' colleges and/or departments will be expected to contribute a 20% match to ensure that the commitment to long-term partnering is shared by these units. These travel awards should ultimately result in the development and submission of a collaborative research proposal, that includes MSU and partner institution faculty, for external funding.

The deadline for submission of proposals for this fiscal year is January 30, 2019 for travel that must be completed before June 15, 2019. If you are developing a project that fits the requirements associated with these funds, please contact our Director, Laurie Medina as you begin to make plans. Please submit proposals or inquiries via email to medina(at)