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Recently Funded Projects

2017-18 CLACS Strategic Partnership Funds Awards

In 2018, CLACS funded collaborative work with partners in Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Puerto Rico. 

Promoting intersectional approaches to research, teaching, and engagement: Partnership with Universidad Centramericana (UCA), Managua, Nicaragua

Nicaragua group visit_edited jpeg.jpgCLACS, GenCen, and CASID jointly awarded Strategic Partnership Funds to Jennifer Goett (JMC) and Fredy Rodriguez (SSC) to bring a team of administrators and faculty from the Interdisciplinary Gender Program (PIEG) at the Universidad Centroamericana to MSU in September 2017. PIEG faculty and administrators are leading efforts to integrate critical analysis of intersecting power relations (e.g. gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, territoriality, class) into teaching, research, and community outreach. Collaboration between MSU and UCA aims to strengthen feminist and intercultural research capabilities among faculty and students with an emphasis on activist or participatory research.

 The long-term objectives of this partnership include obtaining external funding to:

  • Develop intersectional curricula for the UCA’s humanities and social science courses;
  • Promote intersectional research among UCA students and faculty;
  • Integrate intersectional approaches into community outreach programs;
  • Build and strengthen UCA’s Interdisciplinary Gender Program and the Critical Perspectives on Gender and Development Masters Program;
  • Establish UCA/MSU faculty and/or student exchanges and collaborative research and programming.

Transforming from Within: Re-Conociendo Endogenous Resources for Teaching and Learning Mathematics in an International Collaboration with Latin America

Higinio_edited_photo.jpgHiginio Dominguez and Sandra Crespo (College of Education) and Henry Campa (Associate Dean of The Graduate School) won CLACS Strategic Partnership funding for travel to Mexico to meet with collaborators from institutions in Mexico, Chile, and Colombia to prepare a National Science Foundation PIRE grant proposal. The university-based research partners include faculty members from the Universidad Católica Silva-Henríquez in Chile, UT Austin, and the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, in Mexico. The team members also count as collaborators the teachers and administrators with whom they have conducted research in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and the U.S.  

Their project focuses on efforts across the four countries to re-conocer—to know again, in a different way—(Dominguez, 2014) resources for teaching that exist within communities. The team seeks to develop, implement, and document innovative approaches to STEM teaching in the four countries that are context-specific and culturally-relevant, with the aim of promoting generative change in mathematics education.

Sustainability Science Learning Network: Advancing graduate education and research in the US and Mexico

Gray.jpgSteven Gray, Maria Claudia Lopez, Lissy Goralnik, Laura Schmitt-Olabisi, Jenny Hodbod, (all from CANR) and Lucero Radonic (SSC) were awarded CLACS Strategic Partnership funding for travel to Mexico to meet with partners from the Graduate Program in Sustainability Science at the Universidad Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM) in February, 2018. During this trip, the MSU team met with faculty counterparts who represent 11 different departments at UNAM that collaborate in that institution's Graduate Program in Sustainability Science. This goal of this team is to develop a strategic partnership between MSU and the recently established Graduate Program in Sustainability Science (GPSS) at UNAM to advance graduate student and faculty research, education and outreach focused on emerging methods in sustainability science.

In the short term, the partners will plan the first annual Student Conference for Sustainability Science (SCSS) to be held at UNAM in 2018/19, which will include short courses on Methods for Sustainability taught collaboratively by MSU and UNAM faculty and a two-day symposium focused on graduate student research. In the long term, the partners will pursue external funding to support collaborative research and educational exchanges between the two institutions from NSF's Research Coordinated Network (RCN) and NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) grant programs.

MSU Collaboration with Festival de la Palabra in Puerto Rico

Yomaira.jpg 3.jpgCLACS and the Center for Gender in Global Context partnered with English, AAAS, Philosophy, CLS, History, and RCAH to support travel to Puerto Rico by Yomaira Figueroa (English/AAAS, College of Arts & Letters), Xhercis Mendez (Philosophy/AAAS, College of Arts & Letters), Tamara Butler (English/AAAS, College of Arts & Letters), Delia Fernandez (History/CLS, College of Social Sciences), and Estrella Torrez

(Residential College in the Arts & Humanities). This faculty group will collaborate with the non-profit organization Festival de La Palabra (FDLP, Festival of the Word) to develop a study away program for MSU students and to develop joint projects for which they will apply to NEH for support. Both of these efforts will support the radical literacy, community, and health efforts of Festival de la Palabra in the wake of Hurricane Maria and will lead to long-term research and other collaborations between MSU and FDLP.