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Give Green 2017

give greenday-sbs350.jpgThe Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies Endowment funds student research, internships, and study abroad in Latin America and the Caribbean to address the most pressing challenges facing the region today.

Awards from this endowment are critical to the success of graduate students from Latin America, who may not be eligible for other research grants.  


Recent recipients:

Gauthier headshot-sbs.jpgCristina Gauthier-Hernández (Puerto Rico, U.S.) researched the health impacts of hydroelectric dams in Brazil as part of an MSU team working to re-engineer dams to balance growing demand for hydropower with the well-being of communities near dams. Christina is pursuing a Ph.D. in geography.

Laura Castro Diaz-sbs.jpgLaura Castro Diaz (Colombia) studied the impact of dams on the livelihoods of  fishing communities in the Brazilian Amazon.  As Laura pursues a Ph.D. in community sustainability, she is part of an MSU team working to re-engineer dams to balance growing demand for hydropower with the well-being of communities near dams.  

n-paredes-inline.jpgNerli Paredes (U.S.) conducted research in Oaxaca, Mexico on infant feeding practices and their impact on infant and maternal health for her Ph.D. studies in anthropology. 

ocampo-field-sbs.jpgNatalia Ocampo-Diaz (Colombia) studied how Afro-Colombian communities on Colombia's Pacific coast manage their collective lands for her master's degree in community sustainability.  

paulo sepror sbs.jpgPaulo Carneiro (Brazil) explored the possible relationship between bovine tuberculosis and human health in Brazil for his Ph.D. in comparative medicine and integrative biology.  

BettsJoel_canoe-sbs.jpgJoel Betts (U.S.) studied the impacts of deforestation and pesticide fishing on river biodiversity and food security for communities in the Rama-Kriol Indigenous Territory in Nicaragua, as he completes a master's degree in fisheries and wildlife.

lugo-sbs.jpgMaryAnn Lugo (Colombia) studied the writing strategies Colombian journalists use to generate empathy among Colombians who are deeply divided due to decades of war as she works toward her Ph.D. program in Romance and Classical Languages.

emma argentina city-sbs.jpgEmma Repp (U.S.) interned at the Instituto Latinamericano para la Paz y la Ciudadanía on a campaign to build a network of peace NGOs across Latin America as part of her BA program in comparative culture and politics.

andrade mountain sunset-sbs.jpgDrewzella Andrade (U.S.) studied student movements for democracy in Santiago, Chile, as she pursues a BA in global and international studies.