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Center Signature Symposium - 2014

Published: Friday, 04 Apr 2014
Author: Latin America
Department: Latin American Studies Center


On April 1-4, 2014 the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies—in collaboration with the Departments of Romance and Classical Studies, Theatre and Teacher Education—hosted a signature symposium, entitled The Art of Words: Myth, Legend and Tradition in Performance, featuring Nicolás Buenaventura, playwright, actor, film director and performer from Colombia, and Georgina Hassan, composer, singer and vocalist from Argentina.  They led a storytelling workshop, visited Spanish classes and a music seminar, offered seminars and presented a final large-scale public performance. The entire set of events achieved the primary goal of promoting Hispanic culture through theater and performances involving active participation by students and the community in a new linguistic and cultural experience.

The grand finale performance by Buenaventura and Georgina Hassan, Dar a luz: la aventura del pensamiento (“Giving Birth: the Adventure of Thought”) took place in Studio 60 auditorium. The presentation was in Spanish with English subtitles on projection. Dar a luz shows the process of “thinking” with stories, images and music. It recreates the act of giving birth by recounting myths of creation from different origins and cosmologies around the world. More than 160 people attended the show including MSU grads and undergrads in many fields. There were many participants from the Hispanic community and others who came from nearby institutions.

Links related to the event and news reports:




Tuesday, April 1

7:00-9:00 PM. Storytelling Performance Workshop I
Studio 60, Auditorium Hall.
With Joni Starr from Teacher Education.

Wednesday, April 2

2:45-4:30 PM. Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Seminar
The Art of Words: Myth, Legend and Tradition in Performance,Nicolás Buenaventura.
Reception followed by seminar.
Room 303, International Center.

7:00-9:00 PM. Meeting with Spanish Club students.

Friday April 4

1:50-3:00 PM. Georgina Hassan participates in College of Music seminar course with Professor Mark Sullivan.
Hart Recital Hall.

7:00-9:00 PM. Performance in Spanish (subtitles in English). Dar a Luz: La aventura del pensamiento.
[Giving Birth: the adventure of thought]. Nicolás Buenaventura with musician Georgina Hassan and Pilar López, technical producer.
STUDIO 60, Auditorium Hall.

For more information: CLACS 2014 Symposium program.pdf