International Studies & Programs

Recently Funded Projects

CLACS has recently funded collaborative work with partners in Peru, Chile, Colombia, and Cuba.

kaplowitz-miner.jpgDr. Michael Kaplowitz from community sustainability spearheaded a group to Cuba.

Agriculture in Peru (2015-16)

potato-sbs.jpgDr. Larry Olsen, Entomology, CANR; Monica Hufnagel, Entomology, CANR; and Fernando Mendoza, Agricultural Engineering, CANR were awarded funding for travel to Peru to meet with potential collaborators at universities in Lima, Huancayo, and Trujillo focused on agriculture.

Digital Archive Development (2015-16)

murphy-sbs.jpgDr. Ed Murphy, History, CSS, and Dr. Laura Reese, Global Urban Studies Program, SCC, were awarded funding to launch collaborative work with colleagues at the University of Santiago, Chile and the NGO Educación y Comunicaciones to develop a proposal and budget to fund development of a digital archive Lives, Activism, Archives.

juana sewing.jpgPost-Conflict Studies - Colombia (2015-16)

Dr. Elvira Sanchez-Blake, Romance and Classical Studies, CAL, and Dr. Galia Benitez, James Madison College, were awarded funding for travel to Colombia to meet with potential collaborators at universities and NGOs in Bogota, Cali, and Cartegena to pursue research collaboration and study abroad development on the theme of post-conflict studies.  

Posture Control Protocols - Peru (2015-16)

reeves-lab-sbs.jpgDr. Peter Reeves, Osteopathic Surgical Specialties and MSU Center for Osteopathic Research, COM, received funding to support travel for a researcher from the Grupo de Investigación en Robotica Aplicada y Biomecanica (GIRAB), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru to MSU for one month to learn MSUCOR's testing protocols for assessing postural control, in preparation for a multi-year collaborative research project between the two projects.  Other MSU faculty involved in this work include Dr. Jacek Cholewicki and Dr. John Popovich, Osteopathic Surgical Specialties, COM; Dr. Jongeun Choi and Dr. Clark Radcliffe, Mechanical Engineering, EGR; and Dr. Pramod Pathak, Statistics and Probability, Nat Sci.

Plant Breeding (2015-16)

Dr. James Kelly and Dr. Dave Douches of Plant Soil and Microbial Sciences, CANR, were awarded funding for travel to the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in Colombia for meetings focused on launching research on plant breeding with CIAT counterparts.