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Advisory Council

An advisory council comprising faculty and students advises the CLACS director. The Advisory Council consists of 7 core faculty members, one undergraduate student, and one graduate student representative.

The Advisory Council includes designated seats for the College of Arts and Letters, Social Science and Agriculture and Natural Resources, as well as one seat for a representative of MSU's professional colleges. Three at-large faculty seats provide for broader representation beyond the 4 designated seats.  

Student representatives serve one-year terms. Faculty serve two-year terms that are staggered to provide continuity from year to year. Terms begin in January and run on calendar years.  

2017 Advisory Council Members

Rocio Quispe-Agnoli (quispeag(at), Romance and Classical Studies, College of Arts and Letters,

Andrea Allen (allenan9(at), CASID and Anthropology, College of Social Science,

Rene Rosenbaum (rosenba5(at), Community Sustainability, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources,

Bruno Takahashi (btakahas(at), Journalism, CCAS, Professional Colleges/Schools,

Leonel Mendoza (mendoza9(at), Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics, CNS, At-Large Rep. # 1

Mary Jo Zeter (zeter(at), MSU Libraries, At-Large Rep. #2, 

Cristina Schmitt (schmit12(at), Linguistics, CAL, At-large Rep. #3, 

Olga Santiago (santia37(at), Graduate Student Representative

Lauren Rozenboom (rozenboo(at), Undergraduate Student Representative